Thursday, November 14th, 2019

* 100% of TIPS from all Regular Daily Menu Sales go to the local Kelowna COMMUNITY Food Bank


coffee/tea/hot chocolate

sm. 12oz $1.75          lg. 16oz $2.25

iced tea/vitamin water/juices/milk $2.75

cans of pop $1.50

bottled water $2.00

kombucha $6.00

real fruit smoothie $6.25

pick two: strawberry, peach, mango, mixed berry, pineapple, blueberry

breakfast buns $5.5

spicy veggie 

spicy chicken, bacon & veggie 

baked goods

muffins $3.50

Squares $3.50

cookies $1.25

available today:

*assorted cookies

*chocolate quinoa cake muffins

*loaded cookie bars 

soup of the day

sm. $5.5 Lg $7.5 combo add on: $3

available today:

*curried veggie barley

*creamy turkey & leek  

Gluten free bowl $10

available today:

chicken cacciatore


steamed white rice


choose a bread:



naan wrap

gf chickpea

reuben $13

w/ Russian dressing, house-made corned beef, Swiss cheese & sauerkraut 

chicken caesar $11

w/ bacon caesar aioli, green leaf lettuce, tomato & grana padano

mixed organic green salad

sm. $5.5 Lg. $7.5 Combo add on $3

w/ lemon cranberry vinaigrette, cucumber & grape tomatoes

protein add on: (based on available proteins of the day, prices as follows)

chicken $7

real roasted Turkey $7

slow roasted beef $7

pork $6

ham $6


we are not a gluten free facility. though our gluten free chickpea bread does not directly contain gluten, we produce all our other breads in the same kitchen.